Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Matty Slims - "I'm Chillin" feat. Azim Alhark

We like to think the underground hip-hop community in San Jose has welcomed us with open arms and we'd like to thank those that we've met within it so far for being, for the most part, considerably humble. When we first met Matty (Matty Slims, Sharks In A Three Peace Suit) we went back and forth talking about doing a video. The idea was up in the air for a while until a few months later, we finally revived the project and got to shooting. Matty had just made his move to San Francisco and we came to the conclusion that his new rooftop offered a fitting backdrop for a song off one his latest realeases 'C'MON' titled, "I'm Chillin," featuring Azim Alhark (Sharkstyliens, Sharks In A Three Peace Suit, Tequila Allahustle, Anya & The Get Down). The video, yet simple, offers an eye catching refinment of the song at hand. With Matty's laid-back style and Azim's most confident delivery, it was easy to see the potential of the video. Without further Adieu, the music video for Matty Slims feat. Azim Alhark - I'm Chillin.

Listen to more of Matty Slims music at: http://www.mattyslims.bandcamp.com

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